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Training Data on Demand

Pre-labeled, pixel-perfect datasets for any computer vision problem.

Your next generation training data platform.
Unlimited training data. Any computer vision use case.
That's Zumo Labs.

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Generate infinitely large custom datasets on demand.

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Quickly iterate on new edge cases in days, not months.

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Leverage techniques like domain randomization to close the sim2real gap.

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Overcome algorithmic bias by knowing exactly what is in your training dataset.

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Choose your detailed annotations, pixel-perfect segmentation and custom labels, occluded keypoints, 6D pose, and much more.


Why Synthetic Data?

Deep learning development has long been throttled by traditionally sourced static datasets. Synthetic data is a dynamic approach to dataset creation, using CGI and 3D rendering engines.

Synthetic data targets some of the core needs in training data—versatility, volume, and quality—while reducing bias, improving representation, and completely eliminating privacy concerns.


It’s data that improves through rapid iteration cycles, increasing the efficiency of your model development.



"Synthetic data from Zumo Labs will help Thales develop cabin automation solutions that decrease congestion, facilitate aircraft disembarking, and manage passenger flow."

"Zumo Labs is building a future we can all trust by reimagining with airlines the way people travel."

Patrice Caine

Thales Group CEO


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"The dark room use case that we've been working on with Zumo Labs is something that there'd be no way for us to gain ground truth on."

Tung Hoang

ML Engineer

Use Cases & Industries

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Human Faces

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People Analytics

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Get Started with Zumo Labs

Whether you've already begun to collect that training data or you're starting from zero, Zumo Labs can help accelerate the development of your computer vision model. We provide effectively limitless synthetic data, computer generated imagery tailored to your use case, which has the major advantage of absolute ground truth. From human activity recognition to object detection to defect identification, anything your data can do, synthetic data can do too.

Want to try and generate synthetic training data yourself? Try our open source toolkit on GitHub!

Zpy Open Source Synthetic Data Generation Tool

Have a tricky problem, want a custom solution, or just want to talk to our team on how to get started with synthetic data? Reach out to us!

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