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Image by Sahand Babali

Solutions for Computer Vision.

Zumo Labs is a next generation training data platform.

Data augmentation, data labeling, custom synthetic training data, and more.

Effectively implementing artificial intelligence solutions requires vast amounts of high quality labeled training data.


Whether you've already begun to collect that training data or you're starting from zero, Zumo Labs can help accelerate the development of your computer vision model. We provide effectively limitless synthetic data, computer generated imagery tailored to your use case, which has the major advantage of absolute ground truth. From human activity recognition to object detection to defect identification, anything your data can do, synthetic data can do too.

Are you building a model that detects whether patrons are wearing their masks in your coffee shop or grocery store? That's a problem we've solved with synthetic data.

Is your goal to automate your factory with AI that instantly identifies quality control issues? Your CAD files can provide the foundation for pixel-perfect synthetic training data. Our advanced data generation techniques can rapidly spin up data to address edge cases, ensuring that you're always working with a robust and current model.

Synthetic Data Solutions

I'm looking for developer tools to create my own synthetic data.

Our developer tools are currently  in Beta.


Join our community to help build the future of synthetic data.

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I'm looking for custom synthetic training data solutions. 

Does your computer vision model have specific training needs? Is collecting the perfect dataset to train your model difficult or time consuming?

Or do you just need pixel-perfect, pre-labeled data for more complex problems?

We'll help you take full control of your deep learning model development using synthetic data.

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