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The 9 Best AI Newsletters

We’ll be the first to admit that it’s hard to keep up with the latest in artificial intelligence, deep learning, and computer vision news. The industry moves fast, and state-of-the-art technology only stays state of the art for so long. Google Alerts can work if you know exactly what you’re looking for, but we prefer to let the professionals separate the signal from the noise.

We’ve collected what we consider the 9 best AI newsletters and shared subscription details below to keep you up to speed. Whether you’re primarily interested in academic research or business news, robotics or software, AI ethics or moonshots, there’s an AI newsletter in the list below for you. It may seem counterintuitive that these are all written by people, but human curation remains hard to beat—at least for now.

Import AI

Weekly on Mondays

Import AI is a newsletter from Jack Clark, Co-Founder of Anthropic and former Policy Director at OpenAI. He regularly covers a huge cross section of industry news, from self-driving to NLP to robotics. Sign up for this one if you're looking for thoughtful ethics and policy discourse, as well as accessible explainers on the significance of specific stories.

Data Elixer

Weekly on Tuesdays

If you have a solid understanding of data science but don’t have time to round up all the latest news, go with Data Elixer. Written by a former NASA engineer and boasting a 30,000 person readership, this newsletter sends you all the must-read articles of the week with minimal commentary. Subscribers also get access to a free Data Science Library that filters information from previous issues with tags.

Deep Learning Weekly

Weekly on Wednesdays

Deep learning experts from Fritz AI curate links to the week’s top stories, keeping you up to date on the new technologies, companies, and products to watch. Each newsletter is jam packed with links, breaking down complex developments in the industry for a wider audience. (Also, they once included our open source repo zpy, so we trust their sourcing.)

The Batch from Deep Learning AI

Weekly on Wednesdays

There's only one newsletter on this list with a weekly note from Co-Founder of Google Brain and Coursera, Andrew Ng. The Batch never shies away from tough topics in the space, covering not just the latest research, but the greater intersection of AI and culture. It is, refreshingly, a newsletter with opinions (and AI job listings, if that's more your speed).

AI Weekly

Weekly on Thursdays

AI Weekly is perfect for the technocrat who wants the big stories of the week, but doesn’t need some of the “noise” on the nicher edges of AI. The bulletin highlights an essential news story, followed by shorter blurbs about the other headlines you shouldn’t miss. It addresses current pressing topics like ethics and robotics, and gives an academic edge with its research and use case sections.

The Juice from Zumo Labs

Weekly on Thursdays

Call us biased, but we're partial to the computer vision space. Our own newsletter, The Juice, distills the most compelling CV and deep learning news stories of the week into consumable summaries. We also feature a research paper of the week, curated by our own CTO. If you're interested in the discourse around synthetic data, AI ethics, privacy, and bias, don't miss The Juice.

The Algorithm from MIT Technology Review

Weekly on Fridays

The Algorithm is a great one-stop-shop for people who want a comprehensive, straightforward overview of artificial intelligence news of the week. Written by the Senior editor of AI for MIT Technology Review, these blurbs feel personal and informed. Subscribe to The Algorithm for research paper summaries, explanations of hot topics in the industry, and links to podcasts, articles, and events.

Inside AI


If you’re looking for a way to quit doomscrolling, Inside AI might be your fix. The daily newsletter gives you a roundup of the latest in AI, robotics, and neurotech worldwide. Plus, relevant job openings, events, social posts, apps, and periodic outlines of their top stories. If you like this newsletter, you might like some of the team’s 13 others, covering topics like cryptocurrency, immersive technology, and cybersecurity.

Exponential View

You never know

Exponential View, from Azeem Azhar, is not strictly an AI newsletter. Instead, it does its best to place artificial intelligence in the context of the bigger picture—it is about, as Azhar puts it, "how our societies and political economy will change under the force of rapidly accelerating technologies." This one's for you if you're looking for "short morsels to appear smart" on a somewhat less predictable schedule.

There you have it. An AI newsletter for every day of the week, and then some. Did we miss any of your favorites? Share them with us here.

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